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Tetra Research Corporation specializes in Loci/CHEM CFD support, training and advanced applications. Loci/CHEM is a unique CFD tool used at NASA/MSFC and elsewhere for many different types of flow problems, including liquid and solid propulsion modeling, aerodynamics, launch simulations, and stage separation. CHEM provides formal second order accuracy on polyhedral meshes, scalability to thousands of processors, and advanced add-on modules for multi-physics capabilities: Eulerian and Lagrangian two phase flows, solid rocket motor ignition, moving body simulations (6 DOF) with articulating control surfaces, and conjugate heat transfer.

We offer specialized code development, validation and application support, user training and general consulting for achieving enhanced productivity with Loci/CHEM. Please visit our web site or contact us for more information about how to get the most out of Loci/CHEM, a highly innovative and robust applied CFD tool.