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RK 454 High Temperature Epoxy Repair Kit
Maintains High Strength at High Temp.

Just dispense, mix and apply ! This smooth creamy putty cures at room temperature to form a highly machinable, aluminum based composite, usable to 500 F.

Offers excellent adhesion, corrosion and chemical resistance; is machinable like aluminum, has high strength at elevated temperatures and will not run or sag while applying.

Applications include: repairing pumps, valves, fittings, equipment, rebuilding worn housings, shafts, tank linings. Filling cracks, holes, voids, blowholes. Provides protection against wear and abrasion.

RK 454B is the Ideal Choice For Any High Temperature Application Requiring High Bond Strength and up to 500 F Service.

RESBOND 907GF 2300 F Adhesive & Sealant
Resbond 907 GF Fireproof Adhesive and Sealant is a moist creamy putty that can be easily applied from standard caulking cartridges for use from -300 F to 2300 F.

Just apply directly to clean steel, stainless, iron, most metals, ceramics, ceramic cloths, tapes, gaskets, tadpole gaskets, etc.

Resbond 907GF air dries in 4 to 12 hours at room temperature (curing may be accelerated with mild heat)

Resbond 907GF has excellent resistance to most chemicals, solvents, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, aging, thermal cycling and electricity.

Applications include repairing, assembling and sealing: exhaust systems, diesel engines, gas turbines, heating plant equipment, ceramics, firebricks, mortar high temp. equipment, brazing fixtures, supports, stacks, flues, gasket forming, etc.

Ideal for any High Temperature Assembly, Production, Repair, or Maintenance Application